November 29, 2023

ætherEV Successfully Deploys First Wave of EV Chargers in British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia – November 29, 2023 – AetherEV Energy Corporation (“aetherEV” or the “Company”), an EV charging company building Canada’s most reliable EV charging network, is pleased to announce today the successful deployment of the first wave of electric vehicle chargers with its channel partner, Relight Solutions Ltd (“Relight Solutions”), in British Columbia, Canada.

As a channel partner, Relight Solutions, will be responsible for the distribution, installation, and maintenance of aetherEV’s EV chargers in British Columbia, Canada. AetherEV currently offers two commercial products, Arc Plus, the 11.5kWAC charger, and Arc Flex, the 120kW DC charger.

Arc Plus

·        11.5kW, AC EV charging station

·        7-inch LCD full-colour Display

·        OCPP 1.6JSON

·        Operating temperature range: From ‐35°C to +50°C / -31°F to +122°F

·        Mechanical protection class IK10 & IP65Rating

Arc Flex

·       120kW, DC EV Charging station

·       11-inch Touchscreen support

·       Built on open standards and can charge 2 cars at the same time.

·       OCPP 1.6JSON

·       Operating temperature range: From ‐35°Cto +50°C / -31°F to +122°F


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AetherEV Energy Corporation

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, AetherEV Energy Corporation is a burgeoning EV charging enterprise committed to constructing Canada's foremost dependable and economically efficient rapid Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure. With a vision set on accommodating all automotive manufacturers and EV drivers, AetherEV aims to meet Canada's burgeoning need for 2.6 million EV chargers by2035, facilitating the anticipated 13 million EVs traversing the nation's roads. Our mission is to propel Canada's shift toward electric vehicles by offering widespread access to steadfast, economically viable fast to ultra-fast charging stations strategically positioned throughout the country.


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