æther network - Smart Charging Management

Our smart EV charging management software is meticulously designed to cater to the demands of modern environments, offering an array of smart features and functionalities all in one easy-to-use portal:

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æther network features

Charging Station Management

  • Remote management capabilities
  • Real-time display on status of all chargers, on/off, power output, maintenance features such as remote start/remote stop
  • Remote firmware updates and status notifications

Smart load distribution

  • Determine a maximum power output per charger or group of chargers • Load balancing: distribute power across a group of chargers dynamically and remotely depending on usage
  • Manage maximum output with automatic limits depending on the overall usage.

Smart metering

  • Customizable reports for a date range for usage based on kWh delivered on per charger or a group of chargers

Smart billing

  • Set dynamic pricing for both per min charging and per kWh
  • Set specific times of a day for different rates and dedicate special users for tier pricing
  • Set idle fees based on EV charging duration and the threshold of its charging state.

Dynamic load adaptation

  • Set a maximum kW output for a group of chargers and allows autonomous capacity adaptation per charger based on usage in real-time.


  • Accepts Apple Pay and Android Pay
  • Accepts all major credit cards through phone App
  • QR code payment for guests / users who are not registered

Administrator dashboard access

  • Administrator access level control to charging stations
  • Manage authorized users and limit particular controls based on user
  • View authorized users and drivers with easy to see network map
  • Full access to all features with one portal

Access control

  • Set and grant charging station access to unique user groups
  • Identified based on account, RFID access
  • QR code access for guests / users who are not registered


  • Daily and monthly consumption reports by EV driver, RFID card, charging station, or location
  • Real-time consumption for each location or charger
  • Monitor active charging sessions

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