Empowering your electric journey

Robust, Fast AC EV charging

Arc Plus

A 11.5kW AC Electric Vehicle charger able to charge 50-100% faster than the average  EV charger.

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fastest ac EV Charging

Arc Plus Pro

A dynamic 19.6 kW AC Electric Vehicle charger, ideal for drivers needing quick, high-power charging on the go.

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affordable dc fast EV Charging

Arc Cube

A space-saving 30 kW DC Electric Vehicle charger, perfect for businesses seeking a high-quality, user-friendly charging solution.

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next generation dc fast EV Charging

Arc Neo

An innovative 100 kW DC Electric Vehicle charger designed for rapid charging in high-traffic public and commercial areas.

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Why is æther network
right for you?

Our smart EV charging management software is meticulously designed to cater to the demands of modern environments, offering an array of smart features and functionalities all in one easy-to-use portal.

Revolutionize Fleet Management: The æther network offers an unprecedented level of oversight, allowing fleet managers to optimize EV charging, track vehicles charging in real time, and save costs. Whether it's a delivery fleet or corporate vehicles, the æther network empowers fleet managers to electrify their fleet with enhanced efficiency and ease.

Unparalleled Control &
Convenience in EV Charging

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Easy to find and use, the Arc Plus fast charger is designed to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

We’re committed to the highest possible network uptime. That’s why ætherEV chargers are always on and ready when you need them most.

For everyone getting into the EV game, fleet managers looking to scale, or OEM driving, EV transformation has their own unique challenges. Let’s work together to solve yours.

We’re looking for people who want to build something great and make their mark on the industry. Team members who can lend their dedication, creativity, and drive to our goals.

Sustainability Impact

At ætherEV, we're on a mission to fast-track the switch to electric vehicles with our dependable charging solutions. Our commitment to sustainable business practices and reducing carbon emissions propels us to innovate and deliver top-notch EV charging technology.  Join us as we drive towards a cleaner, greener future, one charge at a time.

Engage with a community committed to reducing carbon footprints through smart EV charging.

Celebrate our collective sustainability wins with stories of collective environmental achievements.

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news & insights.

Our mission is to combat climate change and expedite the transition to electric vehicles by delivering an unparalleled charging experience.

Download the ætherEV App

Discover a smarter way to charge your electric vehicle with the aetherEV App, the ultimate app for everyday EV drivers. Whether you're a regular driver or just looking to charge on the go, our app offers a seamless and user-friendly experience with a range of powerful features:

Find charging stations near you or along your route with our interactive maps. We make it easy to locate available charging points, helping you plan your journeys and reduce range anxiety.

On a journey to install 1,000,000 EV Chargers across US & Canada

From EV charger design to network deployment and maintenance, we do it all. Learn how vertical integration allows us to deliver the best charging experience, each and every time.

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From EV charger design to network deployment and maintenance, we do it all. Learn how vertical integration allows us to deliver the best charging experience, each and every time.
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